Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Kevin Spacey

Born July 26 1959 Kevin Spacey is possibly my favorite actor ever. He played in many roles and he is actually able to pull it off. Unlike others that I will not name at this point.
Kevin grew up in California and began acting in 1980 as a stage actor. His first academy award was for his role in The Usual Suspects for best supporting actor. Then came American Beauty and from there his career soared starring in Seven,LA Confidential,Pay It Forward and Superman Returns. I liked the movie K-PAX personally.Now I guess he intends to stay in Britain and eventually get British citizenship. Directing at a theature named Old Vic, from the sounds of it I assume he doesn't plan on coming back to America but who knows really except for Kevin himself? Another one of my favorites with him in it is "The Negotiator". Great movie along with Samuel L. Jackson.  Another good one that I would recommend watching is "Swimming With Sharks".

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  1. Awwwww :( He's fucked. Hero to zero in less than 5 seconds.


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