Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Clint Eastwood

Clinton Eastwood was born May 31st 1930. He is an actor, director, producer, and a composer.

Clint became the oldest man to reach #1 at the box office, and the longest running movie star in history. I think my favorite film he made and acted in is Unforgiven.
Clint was a nonpartisan mayor of Carmel-by-the-Sea,California from 1986–1988, tending to support small business interests on the one hand and environmental protection as well.
Clint Eastwood was born in San Fransisco, California to Clinton Eastwood (1906–1970), a steelworker and migrant worker, and Margaret Ruth (née Runner; 1909–2006), a factory worker. He was a large baby (11 pounds and 6 ounces; 5.62 kg) and was named "Samson" by the nurses in the hospital. Eastwood is of English, Scottish,Dutch and Irish ancestry, and was raised in a middle class Protestant home. His family relocated often, as his father worked at different jobs along the West Coast, including at a pulp mill. The family settled in , California, where Eastwood attended Piedmont Junior and Senior High School. Later he transferred to Oakland Technical High School, where the drama teachers encouraged him to enroll in school plays, but he was not interested. He held a series of jobs as his family moved to different areas, including paper carrier, grocery clerk, forest firefighter, and golf caddy.After graduating from high school in 1949, Eastwood intended to enter Seattle University and majored in music theory. However, in 1950 he was drafted into the U.S Army during the Korean War. He was stationed at Fort Ord where his certificate as a lifeguard got him appointed as a life-saving and swimming instructor.

He safeguarded film and television actors who had joined the Army through the Special Services program, including John Saxon, David Janssen and Martin Milner. In 1951, while on leave, Eastwood rode in a Douglas AD bomber that ran out of gas and crashed in the ocean near Point Reyes. After escaping from the sinking fuselage, he and the pilot swam three miles to the shore.
He later moved to Los Angeles and began a romance with Maggie Johnson, a college student. During this time he managed an apartment house in Beverly Hills by day (into which he moved) and worked at a Signal Oil gas station by night. He enrolled at Los Angeles and soon after became engaged to Maggie. They were married shortly before Christmas in 1953 in South Pasadena and honeymooned in Carmel.

Eastwood, a life-long non-smoker, has been conscious of his health and fitness since he was a teenager, and has kept in excellent physical shape and practiced healthy eating ever since. As he made a name for himself during the production of Rawhide, Eastwood would frequently feature in magazines and journals, which often documented his healthy lifestyle. In the August 1959 edition of TV Guide, for example, Eastwood was photographed doing push-ups and gave tips on fitness and nutrition, telling people to eat plenty of fruit, raw vegetables and vitamins and to avoid sugar-loaded beverages and excess alcohol drinking and overloading on carbohydrates.

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