Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ed Harris

Actor,director and screenwriter Edward Allen Harris, born on November 28th 1950. Ed was born in Englewood, New Jersey but raised in Tenafly. A fantastic actor my favorite movies he acts in are The Abyss,Needful Things,Milk Money,Apollo 13,The Rock,The Truman Show,Enemy At The Gates,Radio,A History Of Violence and National Treasure: Book Of Secrets.
Ed has an older brother Robert and a younger brother Spencer. His mother Margret was a travel agent and father Robert L. Harris sang for the Fred Waring Chorus and worked at the bookstore of the Art Institute of Chicago.
Ed Harris was rasied Presbyterian and his family was middle class. Which you can kind of tell by the way he acts.
Ed graduated from Tenafly High School in 1969, played Football and was the team captain his senior year.
A couple years after High School his family moved to New Mexico, then he went to the University of Oklahoma to study Drama. He did so well in the local theaters he decided to move to Los Angeles California and enrolled at the California Institute of Arts.

Ed Harris is married to actress Amy Madigan.
The couple got hitched on November 21, 1983 while they were filming Places in the Heart in which they played an adulterous couple. They have a daughter named Lily Dolores Harris, born on May 3, 1993.
Currently, Harris and wife Amy Madigan are starring together in Ash Adams' upcoming indie crime drama Once Fallen, alongside Brian Presley, Sharon Gless, Adams himself, and a large all-star cast. It is set for release sometime this year in 2010.
If you ever seen a Home Depot commercial and thought, "that it sounds like Ed Harris narrating"? You weren't hearing things. He Narrates for com's as well.
Overall Ed Harris is great at being bad but even better at acting good.
Here's a quick video where, I'm not sure if he is flipping out? Or just kidding around, maybe making a point? I don't know.

59 seconds

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  1. He is introduced as the director and actor when Kronenbourg, the real director sits beside him, thats bad. A person that dont know such a thing doesn’t deserve to be a konferencier. Maybe Mr Harris dont need to act like that but anyway this clip is taken out of is kontext so it is har to know.


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