Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bill Murray

William James Murray born on September 21st in 1950. One of my favorite actors of all time. He is in so many good movies. Bill got his acting/comedian television career started in 1975 when he was a cast member on the show Saturday Night Live. Before that he was recruited by John Belushi to be on the radio show The National Lampoon Radio Hour, which aired on some 600 stations from 1973 to 1974.

During the first few seasons of Saturday Night Live, Bill Murray was in a serious romantic relationship with fellow cast member Gilda Radner. A few of my personal favorite movies he acted in are Ghostbusters,Groundhog Day,Where The Buffalo Roam, The part he plays in Little Shop Of Horrors (see bottom of post) is hilarious! Scrooged,What About Bob,Kingpin. He plays a quick role in a movie I just saw not too long ago called Zombieland.
This is something I didn't know, Bill murray is the 5th of nine brothers and sisters. (I'am the 6th of nine brothers and sisters, kind of cool) Bill was born in Willmette, Illinois, a suburb in the northern part of Chicago.
His Mother was Lucille (née Collins) and his Fathers name was Edward Joseph Murray II. She was a Mail Room Clerk and he was a Lumber Salesman. The Murray residence was brought up Irish Catholic. Three of his siblings act as well including John and Joel Murray. There is also his brother Brian Doyle-Murray who acts as well.
There is supposed to be a third Ghostbuster coming out in 2012. Lets hope it is good.
Here is my favorite scene with Bill Murray in Little Shop Of Horrors.

7 minutes 20 seconds

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