Saturday, February 12, 2011

Lucy Lawless

Lucelle Frances Ryan born on March 29th 1968 in Auckland, New Zealand.
The fifth of seven children, she has five brothers and one sister. They lived in the suburbs of Mount Albert. Her mother Julie was a teacher. Her father was a banker and the mayor for Mount Albert.
She began acting in secondary school when she was younger, Lucy suffered bulimia, but was able to overcome the illness in college at the Auckland University. There she studied foreign languages for a year, including German, Italian and French.
She also studied opera for three years. She realized though learning opera required changes in her lifestyle that she was not ready to make. She gave up on both and moved herself to a course of violin and jazz.
Lucy became pregnant at 19 with Garth Lawless. They married in Kalgoorlie, Australia in 1988. Hence the name "Lucy Lawless".
I almost forgot, she is also a singer.
Is Lucy Lawless Gay or Bi-sexual?
There has been a lot of debate from certain people that I know on whether this is true or not.
From what I have found contrary to the show Xena the Warrior Princess, Spartacus and attending Gay Pride Marches. Lucy Lawless is heterosexual as far as I know.
When I saw her in 2007 in Curb Your Enthusiasm (season 6) I didn't even recognize her.  Maybe it was the blond hair.  Very good actress,singer and extremely hot!

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