Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mayra Verónica

Mayra Verónica Aruca Rodriguez born on August 20th 1980 in Havana Cuba.  What I wouldn't do to get with Mayra.  I tell ya.  She is beautiful!  Her father was a member Cuba’s big band, Los Dada. In 1984, she came to the US with her mother Mayra Rodriguez, leaving behind the rest of her family including her father Arturo Aruca and sister Giselle Guzman. Her father came a year later and reunited with Veronica and her mother, while her sister was unable to meet them until thirteen years later. Mayra grew up with little money and food was sometimes scarce.
Mayra is a model and a singer. She was in FHM Magazine and then was included in their 2004 calender. After that she went on to work with other magazines. She made appearances on many Spanish language television shows, as well as appearing in music videos and television commercials.
Mayra is a spokeswoman for the USO(United Service Organizations).
Her music Vengo Con To' (I'm coming at you with everything).
On July 2, 2009 the New York Stock Exchange asked her to ring the NASDAQ bell for the Fourth of July week. Verónica decided to bring awareness to two of the organizations for which she's an advocate and spokesperson, The USO and UNICEF and brought them to the bell ringing ceremony.
FHM the top men's magazine of the time, contacted Mayra's publicist to ask for a feature spread on their magazine.
She agreed and after mail requesting her return and went on to appear on the cover of the FHM exclusive collection book which included top sex symbols of the decade like Pamela Anderson, Eva Longoria and Carmen Electra. Mayra was featured on other covers for FHM, Maxim, Edge, GQ and over 100 other national and international covers. Her popularity on such covers made her website at the time one of the top requested websites with more than 4 million hits biweekly.
With her popularity came email from soldiers stationed in Iraq asking for her posters and by now famous calendars. Veronica's management sent a care package of approximately 5000 posters. Shortly, the military named her favorite pin-up girl for the US Marines and the USO asked her to tour with the troops.  Blah blah blah she's smokin hot!


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