Thursday, May 3, 2012

Jude Law

David Jude Hayworth Law born December 29th 1972 in Lewisham, South London. He's an English actor,film director and producer. It is said that Jude's name came from both the book "Jude The Obscure" and the song "Hey Jude"? Both of his parents were comprehensive school teachers, his mother Margaret Anne (née Heyworth) and his father Robert Law, the youngest headmaster in London. They live in Vaudelnay, France where they enjoy running a drama school and theatre. He has one older sister Natasha who is an illustrator and artist. She still lives in London. He grew up in Blackheath, an area in the Borough of Lewisham. Jude went to John Ball Primary School in Blackheath and Kidbrooke School. Then he attended Alleyn's School. Jude met actress Sadie Frost while working on the film Shopping. They married on September 2nd 1997 and then divorced on October 29th 2003. He has a stepson, Finlay Munro who was born on September 20th 1990. He has three biological children with Sadie Frost which includes his son Rafferty born on October 6th 1996, daughter Iris born October 25th 2000 and son Rudy born on September 10th 2002.
Then in 2003 while making the film Alfie, Jude and co-star Sienna Miller got into a relationship. In 2004 they became engaged on Christmas Day. However in November of 2006, Sienna and Jude separated.
For a bit there Jude and American model Samantha Burke had a relationship but it didn't seem to last. Suddenly it was to be announced that Jude had once again become a father. Samantha Burke gave birth to their daughter Sophia on September 22nd 2009 in New York.

In December 2009 Jude was in some broadway shows that just happened to be at the same time as Sienna Miller was on broadway. I'm not saying there's a connection there but they seemed to rekindle their relationship around that time. A couple years later though they announced they had split up again in February of 2011. I say at least they tried. That's more than most people do.
The first movie I saw Jude Law in that impressed me was Gattaca. If you havn't seen that movie I would recommend watching it. Other movies I really liked him in was Midnight in the Garden of Evil,eXistenZ,Enemy at the Gates(Ed Harris),A.I. Artificial Intelligence, Road to Perdition(Tom Hanks),Cold Mountain,The Holiday and Repo Men.

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